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here are the rulez

rule numbah 1 : no begging of any account & cheats/hacks

rule numbah 2 : no spamming

rule nambah 3 : respect other members

rule numbah 3 : no posting porn links

rule numbah 4 : No posting of E-mail address

rule numbah 5 : no warez links

rule numbah 6 : no advertising of any sites

rule numbah 7 : No flaming/arguing

rule numbah 8 : no selling of cheats/hacks

rule numbah 9 : no multi account

Addicting Cheats Production

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PostSubject: Application Form   Application Form Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 5:37 pm

Forum Name:Philipine Special Force[PSF]

Name: Emmanuel A. Daño


Community:Addicting Cheats

Favorite Games: PSF, MU, and etc..

Location: Lucena City

Occupation: 2nd yrs. College [Marine Trans.]

Short Essay: I want to help this community to be grower and grower.. and although i have no experience to be an MOD, but i promise that i will follow the Rules and Regulation of our site... and I'm active and loyal... and I'm friendly to other people, and i will do my best as i can... Congratz and More power to this Site... Love You All..

Personality: Cute, Tall, Slight lang ng kaputian.. hehehe

Yahoo Messenger!:

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Application Form
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