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 Pet Society // Pet for your Pet!

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PostSubject: Pet Society // Pet for your Pet!   Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:23 am


* Pet Database [ I3JAKRAIU9 ]
* Fiddler [ ]
* Chrome/IE (clear cache before using this cheat to ensure the game loads.)
Firefox works too if you know what you are doing as it requires more steps to record the urls.

StepsBy :

1. Open Fiddler
2. Click 'Clear cache' if this is not your first time using Fiddler. Try to clear your browser cache too.
3. Go into Pet Society using IE or CHROME. (sometimes mayor appear on 1, so try the other browser)
4. In Fiddler, search for this line '/game/pets/swf/X.X.X/shops/shopLuxuryXXXX.dat (the X are digits that changes every update)
5. Right click this line, copy > just url
6. Go to Autoresponder
7. Click Add
8. The url that you copied will appear.
9. Now click on the arrow at the bottom besides the Save button
10. Select 'Find a File' and browse for the database that you've just downloaded from me
11. Click Save
12. Click Clear Cache and refresh your Pet Society
13. Enter the Luxury Shop and you should see the Pets. Have fun![list][*]
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PostSubject: Re: Pet Society // Pet for your Pet!   Fri Sep 16, 2011 8:12 am

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Pet Society // Pet for your Pet!
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