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 How to Register in Garena With Colored Name

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PostSubject: How to Register in Garena With Colored Name   Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:27 am

*How to Register In Garena With Colored Name*

You can do this without the name spoofer

Pick a color code at Html Color Codes

Example you pick RED the color code is #FF0000

Use your name, Maximum of 5 letters

Example your name is Paul

P|c00ff0000aul --> that is your Garena Username now.

pls do not forget to put (you can put . ^ or ~ here)|c00(yourcolorcode)(yourname)

Do you want a name like this? W?

Here is the code W|c00ff0000|ave

Red is .|c00ff0000(your name)
Green is .c0000ff00(your name)
Blue is .|c000000ff(your name)
Yellow is .|c00ffff00(your name)
Magenta/Bright Purple is .|c00ff00ff(your name)
Deeper purple/violet is .|c00a400ff(your name)
Cyan is .|c0000ffff(your name)
Teal is .|c0000ffca(your name)
Black is .|c00000000(your name)
Medium grey is .|c007c7c7c(your name)
Goldish is .|c00ffbd00(your name)

Credits: dun sa gumawa nito d co lan alam kng cnu
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How to Register in Garena With Colored Name
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