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 Better than Tim Tebow & Chris Johnson combined: Arian Foster obliterates any notion of an equal

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Better than Tim Tebow & Chris Johnson combined: Arian Foster obliterates any notion of an equal Empty
PostSubject: Better than Tim Tebow & Chris Johnson combined: Arian Foster obliterates any notion of an equal   Better than Tim Tebow & Chris Johnson combined: Arian Foster obliterates any notion of an equal Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 3:24 am

The most exciting player in the NFL is not God in disguise (sorry Tim Tebow disciples). He's not the super freak of a wide receiver who plucks touchdowns out of thin air in Motown. He's certainly not the dog killer turned yesterday's news for the broken down Dream Team.

He's not even the quarterback in Green Bay who cannot stop winning — or causing commentators like Boomer Esiason to lose their mind.

No, it's Arian Foster of the often-dismissed, doubted or completely overlooked Houston Texans. For pure, what-could-he-do-when-he-touches-the-ball-next excitement no one beats Foster. Who knows how long it will last. The NFL running back position — which has alwayswholesale jerseys from china been marked by short careers — is more fickle than ever in the 21st century. One day, a back seems destined for Canton.

Seemingly the next, he's struggling to bleed 18 yards out of 10 carries and getting booed in his own stadium (hello Chris Johnson!)

Right now, Foster reigns supreme though and Texans fans need to enjoy every minute of this. It's not often that a franchise is graced with the most exciting player in the NFL. It can go generations without happening. There are cities in the league that never have been cheap nhl jerseysgifted with the league's most explosive player (start with Seattle, Cincinnati and Arizona and go from there).

Foster served notice in the most emphatic way possible Sunday that Houston is home to the MEP (Most Exciting Player) if not the MVP. In his franchise's biggest game since the last game of the 2009 season (when the Texans hosted the New England Patriots while still alive for a playoff berth), Foster put his darting footprints all over a 41-7 annihilation of the Tennessee Titans. With 234 yards of total offense and three touchdowns, Foster didn't just run over the Titans, he ripped the heart out of a team that fancied itself capable of blocking Houston from the playoffs.

This wasn't obscure Dallas Cowboys rookie DeMarco nba jerseys cheap Murray racking up 253 yards against an pathetic St. Louis team with the worst run defense in the NFL. This was a monster performance in a big-time game — a superstar seizing first place and running away with it. And showing exactly why Bob McNair (one of the biggest Foster fans in the organization) knows he cannot hide his checkbook when the tailback's NFL-modest $525,000 contract expires this offseason.

"There's just something about Arian," Texans right tackle Eric Winston told me earlier in the season. "He has that extra something. He has a way of getting the most out of every play."

Like turning a floating touch pass from Matt Schaub into a 78-yard catch-and-run touchdown. Most starting NFL running backs would have been able to convert that play into a nice first down. Few could have transformed it into a game-busting play, one that left NFL Jerseys CheapMichael Griffin, a two-time Pro Bowl safety from the University of Texas, looking as old school fooled as one of those always flailing vintage Tecmo Bowl tacklers.

That bit of Foster fortune turned a 10-0 game into a 17-0 one — and left Tennessee with no chance of stopping the Texans' roll.

As emphatic as the win was, plenty of questions remain about the Texans. Gary Kubiak's team continues to lose stars to injury at a freaky rate — with safety Danieal Manning's broken leg in Nashville just as potentially devastating as Mario Williams' torn pectoral. And whilecheap nfl jerseys Houston is in first place in its division the latest it has ever been (Week Seven), it's also only one game over .500. There are 11 teams with a better winning percentage than the Texans this Monday morning and four more with a matching 4-3 record — in a 32-team league.

Houston's clearly the class of a crippled AFC South, but it's fair to wonder what that truly means.

There can be no more wonder about Foster though. Not after this answer. This was performing under extreme pressure. The 2010 NFL rushing king called himself out after last week's loss in Baltimore, branding his play "terrible." Then, Kubiak didn't exactly disagree with that assessment in his weekly Monday press conference.

In a week where everything could have fallen apart on the Texans, the pressure clearly settled on Foster. Just where he wanted it.

The Standard Bearer

Kubiak likes to talk about "the standard" the Texans have set for running the football. He went at it again in the buildup to the Titans game, noting how Houston's running game wasn't bad, it just wasn't up to meeting "the standard."

But let's face it, the standard begins with and is powered by Foster.

Sure, second-year tailback Ben Tate had his best game in weeks too, making the Texans the first team since 1985 to have two backs gain more than 100 yards against the Titans in the same game (you know, back when they were the Houston Oilers). But Tate collected many of his yards after Foster sapped the will out of Mike Munchak's formerly-surprising team.

By the time, the Texans ripped off 17, 17 and 24 yard runs back to back to back in the third quarter (with the last two by Tate), the Titans were punch drunk from trying to catch No. 23.

Doing it with Chris Johnson on the other side made Foster's declaration of dominance ring even louder.

Who can forget Johnson twisting the Patriots around in a memorable 2008 playoff loss and then following up that star flash with a 2,000-yard 2009 season. Well . . . actually, a lot of people already seem to be starting to forget with the still only 26-year-old Johnson (he's only a year older than Foster) struggling to do much of anything in 2011. Including many of the folks sitting in the stands in Nashville.

That's how quickly things can go in the world of NFL running backs. This isn't about the geeks of fantasy football either. There is no fantasy in which anyone can declare Johnson a better runner than Foster in 2011.

Houston has the most exciting player in football for now. Sure, the Texans still have faults, but they have Foster. And that's a ride worth taking — to the playoffs and beyond.
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Better than Tim Tebow & Chris Johnson combined: Arian Foster obliterates any notion of an equal
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